St. Mark Operating Manual

I     Introduction
                A  Guiding Documents & Mission
                B  Church Organization Charts
II      By-laws
                A  Congregation
                B  Corporation  
III     Polices & Procedures
                A  Church Facilities Use
                B  Wedding
                C  Funeral
                D  Records Retention
                E  Friends in Need Procedure
                F  Youth & Children
                     Protection Policy
                     Volunteer Application Form
                G  Nursery Caregiver Guidelines
                H  Harassment
                 I  Scholarship Award Process
                J  Conflict of Interest
IV    Organizations – Duties & Responsibilities
                A  Session
                B  Deacons
                C  Trustees
                D  Representative Nominating Committee (RNC)
                E  Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
                F  Stephen Ministry
                G Parish Associate Guidelines
V     Session Committees – Duties & Responsibilities
                A  Adult Connections
                B  Children/Youth Christian Education
                C  Congregational Life
                D  Communications
                E  Finance
                F  Host Ministry
                G  Outreach
                H  Personnel
                 I  Property
                J   Stewardship
                K  Worship  
VI    Position Descriptions
                A  Pastor, Head of Staff
                B  Office Administrator
                C  Financial Administrator
                D  Director of Christian Education
                E  Youth Director
                F   Nursery/Childcare Coordinator
                G  Director of Traditional Music
                H  Director of Contemporary Music
                I   Sexton
                J  Clerk of Session
                K  Treasurer
                L  Parish Associate 
                M Organist/Pianist             
VII    Employee Handbook  
lX     Forms
                A  Waiver of Liability (Adult)
                B  Photo Release Form
                C  Membership Information Form
                D Facilities Use Application Form