Diaconate Mission

To serve God by serving others, both within and beyond this community of faith, through ministries that provide support, care, love, compassion and prayer, following the example of Jesus Christ.

St. Mark Deacons

Class of 2023: Linda Jerdet, Cindy Bagwell, Bob James
Class of 2024: Melanie Doppenberg, Crystal McElhenney, Ruben Trono
Class of 2025: Pat Anderson, Sarah Hinman, Monica Phillips, Wanda Pounders
  • Moderator – Pat Anderson
  • Diaconate Clerk, Relief Support, and Flower Delivery Ministry – 
  • Card Ministry – 
  • Driver Assistance Ministry – 
  • Meals Coordination, Baptism Reception, and Memorial/Wedding Support Ministry – 
  • Member Care Ministry – 
  • Member Follow-up Ministry– 
  • Prayer Chain and Follow-up Support Ministry – 
  • Visitor Follow-up Ministry – 

The Diaconate strives to serve the needs of St. Mark members and visitors through these ministries

  • Card Ministry: Sends cards to church members on behalf of the church for birthdays and expressing sympathy.
  • Driver Assistance Ministry: Maintains a list of shut-ins or other members who are unable to drive to church, doctor appointments or to take care of other urgent needs, and a list of volunteers willing to assist with providing rides.  These rides will only include pick-ups and deliveries within the immediate Boerne area. The Deacon coordinates these needs, matching up willing volunteers with individuals needing rides.
  • Meals Coordination, Baptism Reception, and Memorial/Wedding Support Ministry: Provide for the physical nourishment of church families during times of need and stress, as well as the church’s physical support to individuals during times of celebration.
  • Member Follow-up Ministry: Coordinates with the Office Administrator to identify and contact by phone those who have not attended church recently to ascertain whether they need any help, encourage them to return to church, and answer any questions they might have.
  • Visitor Follow-up Ministry: Welcomes visitors, obtains contact information from the Office Administrator on a weekly basis and contacts visitors thanking them for their visit, asking whether we can answer any questions for them, and encouraging them to return. Assists individuals interested in joining the church and works with them through the Next Step Program and other follow-up activities, ultimately leading to their becoming members.
  • Member Care Ministry: Makes calls and visits to home-bound members, or others with limited mobility or other needs, who can benefit from ongoing extra care and attention. 
  • Prayer Chain and Follow-up Support Ministry: Serves as the backup to the Prayer Chain publisher, ensuring Prayer Chain requests are published promptly, monitoring prayer requests and reporting back to the Diaconate on the activities of the Prayer Chain Ministry. In addition, this Deacon contacts church members and friends who have been in the hospital and have returned home, or have gone to a Rehab facility, to let them know our church family is thinking of them and to note if they have any needs. 
  • Diaconate Clerk, Relief Support, and Flower Delivery Ministry: Provides administrative support for the Diaconate, including meeting minutes and maintaining a Diaconate notebook. Ensures altar flowers from Sunday worship services are taken by the person who provided the flowers and if not, delivers the flowers to a local senior center or nursing home. Performs the critical functions of other deacons in the event they are unable to perform their duties for more than a week or two due to illness, extended vacation, etc.
  • Moderator: The Moderator is elected by the Diaconate to perform overall management of Diaconate activities, including scheduling and moderating meetings, identifying and resolving issues that impact the Diaconate’s ability to effectively complete its mission, and being the primary point of contact between the Diaconate and the Pastor, Session, and other church leadership.