Mission of St. Mark Deacons: To serve God by serving others, both within and beyond this community of faith, through ministries that provide support, care, love, compassion and prayer, following the example of Jesus Christ.
The Diaconate at St, Mark strive to serve the needs of all members of the congregation through the following ministries:
  • Card Ministry: Express care and concern for members of Saint Mark through the sending of cards on behalf of the deacons for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries and to send occasional messages, such as notes of sympathy.
  • Communion to Home-bound: Provide communion, upon request of members to those who are unable to attend church for long and short term periods of time. 
  • Deacon of the Month: Ensure that flowers are delivered to the appropriate individuals after each Sunday worship service.
  • Hospital Visitation: Visit members of the church family who are confined to a hospital. The visit includes the offer of a prayer prior to &/or post surgery as well as any time during hospitalization. During other times the team members visit shut-ins at home as well as those residing in rehabilitation and nursing homes.
  • Meals Coordinators: Maintain the church kitchen, organize receptions for memorials, baptisms, etc., and facilitate needs that are requested by the Session and/or by families in times of crisis and jubilation. 
  • Member/Visitors Coordinator: Maintains regular contact with visitors and members to be sure all are feeling welcomed, valued and cared for. 
  • Nursing Home/Shut In Visitation: Contacts and/or visits with members on a regular basis. 
  • Prayer Chain: Communicate via email requests for prayers from members and the community to the St. Mark prayer chain.

St. Mark Deacons

Class of 2021: Cathy Cockrell Newton, Curtis Friedel, Nalga Mebane
Class of 2022: Pat Anderson, Allison Boykin, Andy Phillips, Wanda Eckersley
Class of 2023: Linda Jerdet, Bobbie Pfeil
Moderator – Cathy Cockrell Newton.
Asst. Moderator – Pat Anderson
Members/ Visitors Coordinator – Nalga Mebane
Card Ministry – Andy Phillips
Driver Assistance – Cathy Cockrell-Newton
Hospital Visitation – Curtis Friedel
Nursing Home, Shut In Visitation – Pat Anderson, Allison Boykin
Meals Coordinator – Wanda Eckersley, Bobbie Pfeil (includes Memorials/Baptisms/Receptions/Meal Delivery)
Prayer Chain – Linda Jerdet