Diaconate Mission

2024 Deacons include (front l to r) Pat Anderson, Christina Meeker, Wanda Pounders, Monica Phillips, Sarah Hinman, and Crystal McElhenney; (back l to r) Ruben Trono, Nona Annett, Melanie Doppenberg, Paula Witt, Pastor Ann Marie Quigley-Swanson, and Elder Liaison Lynn Bellow.

To serve God by serving others, both within and beyond this community of faith, through ministries that provide support, care, love, compassion and prayer, following the example of Jesus Christ.

St. Mark Deacons

Class of 2024: Melanie Doppenberg, Crystal McElhenney, Ruben Trono
Class of 2025: Pat Anderson, Sarah Hinman, Monica Phillips, Wanda Pounders
Class of 2026: Christina Meeker, Nona Annett, Paula Witt
  • Moderator – Wanda Pounders
  • Clerk, Card Ministry, and Flower Delivery Ministry – Monica Phillips
  • Driver Assistance Ministry – Wanda Pounders
  • In-Home communion – Ruben Trono
  • Meals Coordination/Prayer Chain Liaison – Sarah Hinman
  • Member Care Ministry – Crystal McElhenny and Ruben Trono
  • Member Follow-up Ministry – Christina Meeker
  • Pastoral Support – Pat Anderson
  • Receptions: Baptism/Memorial/Wedding – Nona Annett and Paula Witt
  • Visitor Follow Up Ministry – Melanie Doppenberg

The Diaconate strives to serve the needs of St. Mark members and visitors through these ministries

Card Ministry: Monica Phillips. Purpose: Cards are sent out to church members expressing care and concern on behalf of the church for birthdays and also expressing sympathy.

Clerk/Flower Delivery Ministry: Monica Phillips. Purpose: Provides administrative support by taking minutes at meetings, sending out notices, and maintaining reports. Checks with Claudia in office concerning chancel flowers as they may need to be delivered to provider or to a local senior center.

Driver Assistance Ministry: Wanda Pounders. Purpose: To maintain a list of volunteer drivers and coordinate driving services as needed for congregational members who require assistance with transportation for appointments, attending church services, or other identified needs. These rides are within the immediate Boerne area.

In-Home Communion: Ruben Trono, Purpose: St. Mark Church accommodates communion requests from members who are unable to attend church. Deacons and Elders have been trained to perform the sacrament. Member Care Ministry provides names of those requesting In-Home Communion. Ruben coordinates dates, materials, and communion servers with those desiring communion. The service is an extension of our communion service at St. Mark.

Meal Coordination/Prayer Chain Liaison: Sarah Hinman, Purpose: To provide physical nourishment for church families during times of need and stress. Meal Train shares information of a specific need and gives church members opportunity to provide and deliver meals. Referral requests may come from pastor, prayer chain, moderator, or other deacons. Liaison will have a copy of the e-mail distribution list of the prayer chain and be a backup for the prayer chain leader. She will also serve as the point of contact for communication between the prayer chain leader and the deacons to give updates and convey if any difficulties or concerns arise.

Member Care Ministry: Crystal McElhenny and Ruben Trono. Purpose: To make visits by phone, in person, or write notes to members who are home-bound, who have limited mobility or other needs, and who can benefit from ongoing extra care and attention. Most visits are brief and include an offer of prayer. It shows that the church family is thinking of them and to note if they have any needs. Referrals for care are provided by Pastor, other Deacons, and church members. Our pastor is updated often.

Member Follow Up Ministry: Christina Meeker. Purpose: To coordinate with the office administrator to identify and contact by phone those who have not attended church recently. The purpose is to ascertain whether they need any help, to encourage them to return to church, and answer any questions they might have. As needed, this person will make referrals to other Deacons for follow-up support.

Pastoral Support: Pat Anderson. Purpose: To work closely with the pastor to provide support to members. This could include making calls/visits to those in the hospital and following up with those who have been released from the hospital as well as those who might need extra are and attention. Most visits are brief and include an offer of prayer.

Receptions: Baptism/Memorial/Wedding. Nona Annett and Paula Witt. Purpose: To prepare or facilitate memorial, baptism and other receptions as requested by members of the congregation or Pastor. They coordinate with the Memorial/Wedding coordinator.

Visitor Follow Up Ministry: Melanie Doppenberg, Purpose: To encourage individuals interested in joining the church. Ann Marie is the first contact and then Melanie continues with follow up via phone, email, and letter. The Next Step Program provides follow-up activities, ultimately leading to them becoming members. The welcome table continues to be a viable part of this ministry. A first-time visitor receives a St. Mark coffee cup filled with cookies, candy and a note from Ann Marie. Deacons take turns manning the table after church each Sunday.