February 17, 2017 Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) Update
The PNC continues to meet weekly as we move along with the search for our new pastor.  We have been able to speak with those who expressed an interest in the position and meet our initial criteria. 
Please continue to pray for our group as we listen for God's guidance.

Pastor Search Background

 St. Mark is in the process to search for a new Head Pastor.  The steps in the process are described below:


Mission Study - The first step is to conduct a “Mission Study” with the congregation to determine the identity and mission of St. Mark.  This was done in April in a series of three workshops held between services.  The results were compiled into a report by Pastor Bob Malsack, Duane Manning (CRE elder), Carol Trono (session), Paul Mebane (session), Dick Hauptfleisch (deacon), Joani Goan, John Merritt, Arden Arrington and Melinda Beckett.  The report has been approved by Mission Presbytery Committee on Ministry and will be shared with shortlisted prospective pastor candidates.  Click here -> 2016 Mission Study - Final  

to view the Mission Study Report.  


Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

Approval of the Mission Study allows St Mark to form a PNC whose responsibility is to discern the Pastor that God has already called for St. Mark.  The PNC is chosen from the congregation.  Candidate information and discussions within the PNC are kept confidential.  If you have questions or comments on the pastor search, contact a member of the PNC.  Please keep the PNC in your prayers daily.


Ministry Information Form (MIF)

One of first tasks of the PNC is to prepare a MIF which provides information about the church and what it wants in a new pastor.  The MIF is entered into a PC(USA) database that is available to all pastors interested in a new call. 


Personnel/Pastor Information Form (PIF)

Pastors interested in the position submit a PIF - a type of resume for pastors - to the PNC.  The PNC reads and prays over the PIFs to establish a shortlist of candidate pastors. 



Shortlisted candidates are assessed in a number of different ways.  Sermons are listened to, additional information may be requested, references and backgrounds are checked, internet video interviews are conducted and a final few are invited to visit Boerne to preach in a nearby church.



Once the PNC makes a decision on a new pastor, it is approved by the Committee on Ministry and then the St. Mark congregation.  At that time, a formal call is issued to the new St. Mark Pastor.  This entire process may take 12+/- months.